Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am really excited about sharing Bead For Life with you!
I cannot remember how I first learned of Bead For Life and the colorful, paper beads the women of Uganda make by hand. Bead For Life employs poor, Ugandan women and puts them to work by making and selling these fanastic beads.

I feel very honored to be able to help these women by purchasing their beads, which helps them and their families end the circle of poverty. So for this reason, I wear the beads proudly.

Want to learn more about Bead for Life and how you can help?

Would you like me to design something for you using these paper beads?? Please contact me at: dawnsabo2604@yahoo.com

God Bless!

Sick, Sick, Sickness Go Away!!!

This has been just a rough couple months for my family. We have all suffered through an endless stream of flu, viral infections (in which our Leeni ended up in a hospital stay at Children's Hospital) and now we suffer with bad colds and coughs! When will it end?? Not soon enough for us!!

Here is a picture of our girls enjoying kite flying before the sickness came! We had fun that day with the neighbors running home to get their kites to fly!!